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“This translation service goes beyond just a simple translation.”
Jason Wong Founder Junopoly
“Our Judo translated listings made an immediate impact on our sales.”
Tim Tierney Brand Owner (CEO) TNT Pro Series
“The service displayed the utmost professionalism with a personal touch.”
Tavia Palmos & Brendan Vermaak Brand owners (CEOs) / Private Label Sellers Brepalco
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With our optimization service, you don't just get professionally translated listings, but interpreted and re-written listings by native copywriting experts and also a re-interpreted, re-written version in the local language.
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Everything we do at Judolaunch boils down to one end goal: getting your business more sales. Once you have a great product to offer customers, the rest of the process is very simple: get a steady flow of visitors to your listing, and create a listing that converts visitors to buyers. Judo can help with both."

behind the conversion rate

Increasing sales comes down to 2 basic challenges: increasing visibility and increasing conversions.

Once you have met and sustained both of these objectives, congratulations you now have a thriving business on Amazon! Judo Optimize helps you get there with the second part of the equation: increasing conversions.


Our team consists of copywriting experts in each Amazon market language.

You could just get your listing translated by a general purpose translator, but they can only provide you with a word-for-word direct translation of what you already have. When you source your translated listing from Judo, you not only receive a translated listing but an interpreted, re-written, optimized listing in the local language.

We not only translate your listing, but interpret, rewrite, and optimize your listing for the target language and culture.

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pic[Judolaunch] helped us translate our listings into the native language for each EU market which made an immediate impact on our sales without doing anything else.pic

Tim Tierney Brand Owner (CEO) TNT Pro Series

picTheir translation service goes beyond just a simple translation. The team are quite open about how they make their copy appeal to the cultural and tonal differences. It sure beats google translate! pic

Jason Wong Brand owner Junopoly
How it works
1. Order optimizations

Click “Buy Now” and select number of optimized listing translations you would like. Each optimization is good for one listing in one language.

2. Submit original listing

Submit a link to the original listing you would like translated. Our local copywriting experts conduct market research, then interpret and rewrite the listing, optimizing it for the local market. Working time is 3-5 days.

3. Get an optimised listing

Your listing optimization is plug-and-play, pre-formatted so all you have to do is copy and paste your new optimized content into the back end of your listing.

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