Judolaunch Service Level Agreement

Revised February 20, 2019

The following items shall be considered as standard terms of Service pertaining to an purchase order, contract or services agreement ("agreement") between Judolaunch and the Customer:

All work within the scope of the agreement is based on business week days unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties; email is an acceptable format to document "in writing "agreements between the parties; the business week days plus the other agreed days, if any, are referred to herein as the "Agreement Work Days."

During the Agreement Work Days, Judolaunch shall provide reasonable customer and account management service.

All content is subject to review by Judolaunch personnel.

Judolaunch does not warrant but shall render reasonable efforts in ensuring that the Service will substantially comply with reasonable industry expectations.

The Customer acknowledges, that the provision of the Service is dependent on various factors, including the availability of application data and access to third party systems.

The Customer accepts and agrees that if the application data and third-party systems are not available or if the nature of the application data or access to third party systems change, Judolaunch may not be capable of providing the Service. Consequently, the Customer accepts and agrees that Judolaunch in such case may terminate its agreement with Customer with immediate effect without becoming liable towards the Customer. Alternatively, at its discretion, Judolaunch may offer to the Customer an amendment to its agreement with Customer, to take account of the relevant changes identified in the previous sentence, which the Customer shall be entitled to accept or reject within the term indicated in such offer.