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Launch Product Tool

Launch your product to page 1 of Amazon search results in as little as two weeks. Use that organic visibility to generate more profit.

Launch Results
  • Rank on the top of page 1
  • Increase revenue from existing product
  • Launch new products at full speed

Automate Your Business

Our OPS service fully automates your Amazon business. We take over operations, you focus on growing your company.

  • Customer support
  • VAT Invoicing
  • Feedback monitoring
  • Seller support


With our optimization service, you don't just get professionally translated listings, but interpreted and re-written listings by native copywriting experts and also a re-interpreted, re-written version in the local language.

  • Get translated, optimized listings
  • Rank for more keywords
  • Increase conversion
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About us

When Chris Rawlings started Judolaunch his goal was to find the best ways to sell more on Amazon. Since then, Chris and Judolaunch have grown to help a tribe of more than 250 companies and sellers launch more than 1,000 products on Amazon.

Here's what our customers have to say

"...made us feel highly valued as clients and that they had a refreshing level of personal touch and genuine care for their customers. We were simply blown away by this!"
Tavia Palmos & Brendan Vermaak (1).png Tavia Palmos & Brendan Vermaak Brepalco
"Judolaunch provides professionalism, straightforward action and incredible expertise. When I got in touch with the guys at Judo, I was greeted warmly and with detailed analytics for the potential products I was going to launch."
Anne Woods.jpg Anne Woods Key and Arbor
"After a Skype call with the Judolaunch team, I quickly realised they had the skills and experience to help me accelerate my business. Most importantly, they also gave me guidance on how I could improve my business in other areas too."
Jason Wong.jpg Jason Wong Junopoly

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