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Launch Product Tool

Launch your product to page 1 of Amazon search results in as little as two weeks. Use that organic visibility to generate more profit.

Launch Results
  • Rank on the top of page 1
  • Increase revenue from existing product
  • Launch new products at full speed

Kaizen PPC

Select a goal for your product’s PPC campaign. Meet that goal, maximize your profit and spend less time on PPC. Set the goal, then measure your progress — it’s that easy.

  • Rank a Product
  • Launch a Product
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Automate Your Business

Our OPS service fully automates your Amazon business. We take over operations, you focus on growing your company.

  • Customer support
  • VAT Invoicing
  • Feedback monitoring
  • Seller support


With our optimization service, you don't just get professionally translated listings, but interpreted and re-written listings by native copywriting experts and also a re-interpreted, re-written version in the local language.

  • Get translated, optimized listings
  • Rank for more keywords
  • Increase conversion
Optimize Now

Hit your Amazon goals with Kaizen PPC by Judolaunch

Maximize your profit, boost your product ranking, liquidate your inventory and launch your product. The PPC tool can handle any of these goals.

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Save time

Let the Judo AI engine automate your account — no more interpreting 
excel sheets.


Achieve goals

Maximize your profit, rank higher, liquidate your inventory, or launch your product.


Increase profit

Focus on what matters for your business with the only PPC tool focused on profit, not AcoS.

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As a seller, I got sick of managing dozens of PPC campaigns for my products on Amazon. I was tired of looking at CSV and Excel files, of trying to interpret data from awkward interfaces and of dealing with Amazon’s unhelpful vanity metrics. I realized managing PPC campaigns was a job for AI software, not humans.

Chris Rawlings, CEO, Founder of Judolaunch

Expert results without PPC expertise

You don't need to understand how PPC works to succeed on Amazon anymore. The Kaizen PPC tool helps everyone - from beginners to experts - get more from their PPC with less work.

Set Goal

1. Create an account
Log in to your new PPC tool account and link your Amazon Advertisement account with your new tool.
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2. Add COGS
On the Dashboard you’ll be able to see all the data relevant to your specific PPC campaigns, in explicit graphs and numbers.
Onboarding 2.2.png
3. Create goals
Run PPC campaigns to maximize your profit, boost your rank, launch a product, or liquidate your stock with AI brain.
Onboarding 2.2 (1).png
Onboarding 2.2 (2).png
Onboarding 2.2.png
Onboarding 2.2 (1).png

Measure Progress

4. Let the AI Brain work
Spend just a few hours a week monitoring your PPC campaign while the software automates the process.
5. Track your data
See all the relevant numbers in one place. Spend, profit, return on spend and more — all of this information is calculated in real-time.
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6. Measure your progress
Follow the success of your PPC campaign as you get closer to meeting the selected goal and automate your next campaign right away.
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Everything you need to succeed with Amazon PPC in one tool


AI Engine

PPC automation is a job for a robot, not a human. Let Judolaunch's AI engine do the work.


PPC Score

Forget a CSV sheet deep-dive. See the health of your PPC campaign in a single, easy-to-understand score.


Gorgeous Graphs

Now you can see the metrics that matter to your goals with beautiful data visualizations.

Pick a goal and automate your PPC success

Maximize Profit

Optimize your spending on PPC

The PPC tool will automate bid adjustments and run keyword tests to find the perfect combination of keyword spend and product visibility to maximize profit.

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Boost Rank

Rank in the top position on search

Get new eyes on your product by increasing your visibility with smart investments. About 80% of Amazon customers buy from the first page of results — if you aren't ranking well, your product won't sell.

Screen Boost.png
Launch Product

Take your product to Launched in 30 days

Hit the ground running with your new products by running a launch sequence. The tool gets you your initial sales and identifies the most profitable keywords for you to use to continue building your sales post-launch.

Screen Launch.png
Liquidate Product

Sell through your stock to save money

Don't take a hit from Amazon's long-term storage fees. Let the PPC tool sell through your stock. And make some extra money in the process.

Screen Liquidate.png

Try the PPC tool for free for 28 days

Increase your revenue and spend less time on PPC with a no-risk, 28-day free trial.

Free Trial

About us

When Chris Rawlings started Judolaunch his goal was to find the best ways to sell more on Amazon. Since then, Chris and Judolaunch have grown to help a tribe of more than 250 companies and sellers launch more than 1,000 products on Amazon.

Here's what our customers have to say

"...made us feel highly valued as clients and that they had a refreshing level of personal touch and genuine care for their customers. We were simply blown away by this!"
Tavia Palmos & Brendan Vermaak (1).png Tavia Palmos & Brendan Vermaak Brepalco
"Judolaunch provides professionalism, straightforward action and incredible expertise. When I got in touch with the guys at Judo, I was greeted warmly and with detailed analytics for the potential products I was going to launch."
Anne Woods.jpg Anne Woods Key and Arbor
"After a Skype call with the Judolaunch team, I quickly realised they had the skills and experience to help me accelerate my business. Most importantly, they also gave me guidance on how I could improve my business in other areas too."
Jason Wong.jpg Jason Wong Junopoly

Tailor-made solutions for your business

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New on Amazon

Getting started on Amazon can be daunting. Get step-by-step guidance from expert sellers who’ve successfully launched 1,000s of products.

  • Account Set up
  • Listing creation
  • Storefront creation
  • Product launch

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